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At head shave videos we produce haircut videos of men that you are looking for. We put 4 haircuts on each video packed with full head shaving action. Choose from our different haircut videos or pick them all with volume discounts. Check the order Page for details. Our order form is encrypted for your protection. See the haircut videos to choose your favorite. We have haircut videos with more haircut videos coming out all the time. Choose the haircut videos that you like best.

  Hair cut          Hair cut        Hair cut          Hair cut       Hair cut         Hair cut        Hair cut        Hair cut

   video 1         video 2         video 3          video 4          video 5           video  6         video 7          video 8
   Hair cut         Hair cut          Hair cut        Hair cut       Hair cut          Hair cut        Hair cut  $7.95
  video   9        video 10        video 11       video 12       video 13       video 14      video 15

If you want haircut videos of guys getting haircuts? We do haircuts to shave the heads of guys. If you what to see the haircut without having to shave your own head. Try our haircut videos.

If you want to see haircuts in action on video? Then we have 59 guys getting their haircut. We add new haircuts all the time. Most guys get their haircuts in summer. So check back often for new haircuts.

                                            Make America more beautiful get your haircut.


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